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hoa sen, gan bun ma chang hoi tanh mui bun

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Điều đẹp ý Ngài :

Nghe tiếp

Daily Gospel : September 22, 2015 – Tuesday of the Twenty-fifth week in Ordinary Time

Daily Mass Reading :

Chua nhat 1 mua vongBook of Ezra 6:7-8.12b.14-20.

King Darius issued an order to the officials of West-of-Euphrates: “Let the governor and the elders of the Jews continue the work on that house of God; they are to rebuild it on its former site.
I also issue this decree concerning your dealing with these elders of the Jews in the rebuilding of that house of God: From the royal revenue, the taxes of West-of-Euphrates, let these men be repaid for their expenses, in full and without delay.

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